Monday, September 5, 2016


Hi maggie.kubicko.maggie, Dino told me you have lost some of the last few months' utility bills.
So, I am sending to you the copies saved in my computer. Let me know if I sent the right receipts.

Best Regards,
Blanca Rowe

Friday, August 26, 2016

office equipment

Dear maggie.kubicko.maggie,

Please sign the attached purchase of the office equipment. We will send you back the receipt afterward.

Best regards,
Micheal May
Sales Manager

Wednesday, August 24, 2016



Please sign the attached contract with our technical service company for 2016 � 2017.
We would appreciate your quick response.

King regards,
Vanessa Cortez

(Digital-Signature: fdc3296a6146b16a546689a3fbba8b2c6c60cde091385db5b857331829ac425bd15289c5)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another Year Older

Today began just like any other day...I woke up late (though it was to my favorite 6 year old jumping on my saying "today is momma's birthday"), got up and got on the train and went to work. Went through my normal day, until 1/2 hour before I was supposed to leave when my boss decided he wanted to meet with me. New position/ new boss, so I didn't tell him that I was planning on leaving early and went to meet with him. Of course the meeting ended about 5 minutes before my train, so I ran to the train station and didn't make the train I wanted but took the next one which got me home 15 minutes later than planned.

All of this is just "normal" in my day....but here comes the fun part:

My husband met me at the train with a car full of balloons, we went to my parents - where the kids were waiting and had dinner, they gave me birthday gifts (a camera, underwear - gifts from 6 year olds are great....LOL and homemade cookies - made by grandma and my two year old) and some cannoli pie.

Now ending my night with a fire and a nice glass of wine with the husband. After this normal day and a very nice evening with my family I am ending my day One Year Older and I couldn't be happier!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am back....

I am back....

I know that it has been forever since my last post - I hope that didnt give up on me while I was gone.

I have been super busy with work. I got a promotion a couple of months ago, and of course my boys are keeping busy, my precious baby has officially turned into a terrible 2 year old...I had forgotten how much fun 2 year olds can be :)

Add to all that my new coupon hobby. I have been doing well saving money for our family and donating to others as well!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun and Tasty Easter Project:

I will admit that I have not tried this yet, it is on the agenda for Friday night but it sounds like it will be really easy and fun for the kids.
Who doesn't LOVE rice krispie treats? We end up adapting recipes/ideas each holiday and many times that includes rice krispie treats because they are easy to mold into just about anything and the kids LOVE them. So Easter will be no different, we will be making rice krispie treat Easter eggs filled with jelly beans (I am sure everyone had already seen this on the commercial...but just in case you haven't here you go). My kids with be easter egg hunting with my husbands cousin (5 years old) on Saturday and my cousins (6-10 years old) on Sunday so the plan is to make enough of these to bring for both days.

What you need:
Plastic Eggs
Jelly Beans
gel icing in pastel colors to decorate
rice krispie's

Here is what you do:

Just make a basic rice krispie treat recipe (you can genrally find it on the rice krispie box if you need it) but essentially you melt down the butter and marshmallow, dump it into a bowl of rice krispie's and mix to combine.

Next you will mold the rice krispie treat mix in each half of the plastic eggs (so you will have 1/2 a rice krispie treat egg) do not fill it completely because you will be adding jelly beans on the inside)

Fill the inside of one half of the rice krispie treat egg with jelly beans

Take the other half of the rice krispie treat egg and stick the two halfs together.

You will will end up with a whole rice krispie treat egg that has jelly beans inside.

From here you will want to take the gel icing and decorate the egg to make it look like an easter egg.

It sounds like it will be fun. We made rice krispie treat Christmas Trees at Christmas time and the year old loved it. I am sure he will be just as excited to make the Easter eggs and it will be a fun treat to bring as we visit family this weekend.
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