Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How things change the second time around....

So I was on the train this morning and started to think....I can't think of anything that Ethan (the baby) has that is new. Then of course, I started to feel bad. Everything Brady had was brand new - from the Crib / bassinet to the bedroom furniture to the car seat / stroller combo to all the toys and stuffed animals. Poor Ethan has a few outfits that we had to buy because the sizes / seasons weren't matching up for the "hand-me-downs" and some things that a family friend won in a raffle but that's about it.

Not only that, but poor Ethan currently sleeps in a pack and play in our room.

Why does he sleep in the pack and play? Because we left the bassinet that we had for Brady in the garage and an animal decided to crawl in there and die - needless to say we got rid of that right away. He was in a Moses Basket (that a family friend won in a raffle) in our bed for a while, but he got too big for it - so he moved into the pack and play.

Why does he sleep in our room? This is a two part response - first, his room is on a different floor than ours and I am not ready for that yet (he is only 4 months old)....but second, his room is currently our storage room.

Yes - our storage room. When we first moved in I knew I was pregnant so we painted and started to decorate his room. That went right down the tubes as we ran out of space to put things and then ended up landing in his room. Cleaning this out and getting Ethan into a crib in his own room will be one of our big tasks over the next few weeks.

Brady's bedroom was ready and waiting for him months before he was born...Ethan is four months old and his room is far from ready. It will be soon though.

It is just so funny how with your first baby everything must be perfect...from the adorable little outfits (Brady wore "real clothes" every day - If Ethan has been dressed in something other than the sleep and play outfits ten times I would be shocked), to the prefect bedroom set, to the best toys, bottles, bottle warmers (had one for Brady not for Ethan), wipes warmer (poor Ethan gets cold wipes)....and by the time you get to number two, they get whatever you can hand down from number 1.

Does everyone feel this way about their second (third, fourth, etc...) child? I wonder if I would feel this way if I had a girl - then I guess I would have to buy at least some new things...

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