Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I wanted to scream

Last night when Brady was supposed to be in bed, my husband see's him out of his room and he is naked. So I go in there and ask him why...he say's he just wants to be naked. So I explain that it is too cold and he has to put his clothes on.

Then I notice that he has poop on his hands - I thought he went to the bathroom and tried to clean himself. This is a relatively normal behavior for him so I didn't really think much of it...I just asked him to get up and go to the bathroom so that I could make sure that he was clean. As we are walking toward his bedroom door I smelled it again - I look down and there is a small poop nugget on the floor.

I was mad, but for some reason this was so out of the realm of our normal life that also felt an urge to laugh. Obviously I didn't and I disciplined him for pooping on the floor. It could have been an accident, he did have one piece pj's on which he rarely wears so he could have been trying to take them off and it just took too long. I am inclined to believe that it was not an accident, but in any event, we reminded him that though this should NEVER happen, if this happens he needs to tell us immediately.

We washed his butt and hands and cleaned his floor and sent him back to bed.

Later my husband and I were laughing about it "I can't believe that he pooped on his floor" but when I first walked in there - wow I was mad.

I am sure I am not the only one with these types of stories...lets hear some others (so that I can feel better about mine).


  1. Oh yes. Once we had poop smeared up the entire staircase. Fond memories of that weekend...

  2. It is great isn't it....I honestly was so surprised that I didn't even know what to do.


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