Friday, March 26, 2010

A year of firsts

First Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first doctor appointment, first smile, first laugh, first bottle, first time having formula, first vacation, first babysitter (does grandma count?), first sleepover at grandma's, first time rolling over, first musical (put on by a local high school), first time finding hands, first time finding feet, first time grabbing a toy, first tooth (and second)...

...and all of this (and probably many more that I am forgetting) by the age of four months and many more to come over the next eight months. It is amazing how fast they grow and how new everything is to them. Everyday is an adventure for them. I find myself wondering what he will do next and worrying about what "firsts" I will miss while I am at work. I am not the first to feel that way...and I won't be the last. In four (almost five years) Brady has had many "firsts" that I have missed and we all lived through it - we will again with Ethan. What I can focus on is the "firsts" that I know are coming, one of which is starting Ethan on food (his doctor said he is ready) - I am sure that there will be plentu more to come on this topic in the near future.

With all of the baby's firsts it is hard to stay focussed on the first of our four year old...who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall (that is a big first)...he also went on the *BIG* waterslide at the waterpark when we were on vacation, he held a baby for the first time (his little brother), he got his first scooter for Christmas - and I am sure he will have many more first over the next year as well. Oh, I almost forgot, he peed on my floor for the first time to get out of time out a few weeks ago (and it better be the first and last time for that).

I love to take a minute and just think of all the wonderful things about my boys...and the bad things and the funny ones and the things that shouldn't be funny but for some reason they really are.

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