Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Fun on a Budget - Use Facebook

I didn't realize until recently, that many of my budget friendly family weekends are events that I find on Facebook. It really is a great tool to use when you are trying to find family event's though.

My first tip - Many towns have facebook pages now, so sign up for your towns page along with pages of other local towns. I have found that they post just about everything that is going on around town.
  • We went to a FREE Kite Festival at the beach last weekend. The weather was perfect and Brady loved flying his kite (they also gave kites and bubbles to the children for free). I also found out about a family event we will be attending this weekend.

  • The town next to us has a Duck Race - you buy a plastic bath duck (money goes to fund other FREE town events) for $5 all the ducks go in the water and which ever one gets across first wins...they have over 100 prizes ranging from $25 restaurant gift certificates to a family trip to Disney or a LCD TV. This event also has plenty of FREE / relatively free aspects as well. They start with a craft / business fair, they have a kids fun run (1/2 mile), they have bounce houses and crafts for the children, as well as entertainment (magicians, local dance groups,etc...)
  • We (and when I say we I mean my husband is bringing Brady at 6am and Ethan and I will arrive around 9) are also bringing Brady to a fishing derby this weekend. He did his first one at the end of last summer and he enjoyed it (though he did get a little bored toward the end) so we are trying it again.
...and these are just the events over the past two weeks. You will notice that you will see more and more of these types of events throughout the spring and summer and into the fall (for you people in nice climate States, you will probably find the events year round). So start looking for your town and other local towns on Facebook.

My second tip - Pay attention to the events that your Facebook Friends are attending. Specifically, the friends that have children in that same age range as yours. I don't know about you, but I tend to ignore the "XX is attending....." but then I started looking at them and realized that it is a great way to find out about what is going on locally.
  • I saw that a friends facebook said that they were attending a Halloween Candy Hunt....When I looked into it further I saw that our town was having a free event for children (residents of our town only) at a playground in town. It was in the evening and the children got dressed up in their costumes, decorated pumpkins (Brady won for his age), and hunted around the playground for candy.  We had a really good time and I think I would have had even more fun if I wasn't 8 1/2 months pregnant.  We will be keeping an eye out for that again this year.

My third tip - Join local groups on facebook.  I am on many things from a mommy group in my area to a St. Patricks day parade fundraising group. 

    This is how we found out about the "Green Eggs and Ham" breakfast that we attended a couple of months ago (among other things). I joined the FB group for an area Irish Club and they were having this fundraiser to get new books for some of the schools a few towns away. If you brought a book you had breakfast for half price...if not the money would go to purchase the books. The Cat in the Hat was there and they read stories and had Dr. Suess themed games and raffels and of course they served green eggs and ham for breakfast. This was obviously not a free event, but it was a great family event. We would definately do this one in the future too.


    1. Great ideas!!! I am going to do that!

    2. Great ideas - I will have to remember this for when our 5 month old is old enough to enjoy leaving the house. Unfortunately, at this point, everything goes over her head!

    3. this point our 5 month old is just tagging along while we bring the 4 year old out. He does enjoy looking around and seeing what's going on around him...but it is still WAY over his head.

    4. Thanks for all the great tips!


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