Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Foods

Ethan tried his first food last weekend, like most other babies it was rice cereal. He has been doing really well (the doctor was right - he was ready) eating about 5 or 6 spoonfuls, sometimes more, twice a day. Last night we decided to try something new (the doctor said as long as he goes a couple of day on each food without a reaction we should be fine to move on), but I hadn't purchased any baby food yet so I pulled out a banana and mashed it up...I added a little formula to thin it out because between formula and rice cereal he hasn't had anything near as thick as a banana - he gobbled it up. I finally stopped him and fed the bottle because I was worried about giving him too much the first time having a new / thicker food.

The mashed banana got me thinking - is it really that difficult to just make baby food? Why did I decide to feed Brady pre-made (Gerber) baby food? Is the pre-made baby food the reason that Brady won't eat a vegetable to this day (or is it just that he is four)? If I made Ethan's baby food would he be more used to *normal* flavors and be more willing to try new things?

I am sure that I can't blame Brady's bad food habits on the fact that I didn't make his baby food, but I do wonder if it could have something (even if it is just a small bit) to do with it? Would his eating habits be different if I made his baby food?

So, I think I have decided that Ethan will get homemade baby food. I haven't had much time to read up on it - since I came to this realization last night, but I did read a little on the train to work and it seems like it will be manageable - especially since you can make larger batches and freeze them too.

My only concern is with the fact that we are out of the house a lot, especially on the weekends. I worry that I will miss the convenience of throwing a few jars of baby food in the diaper bag. I guess I will just need to figure out how to package the homemade food so that it is "grab and go".

I am sure when Ethan is four he will still have foods that he doesn't like / want....and I am sure it will be veggies, like his brother, but at least I will be able to say I tried made every attempt to get him to eat "real food"

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