Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Fun on a budget: Minor League Baseball

This will likely end up being a series of relatively cheap, fun, family things that we choose to do on our weekends. We are always on the go with our boys and have come across some great money saving tips.

Spring is here and I don't know about you, but I hate being stuck in the house on a warm weekend day. I also hate spending hundreds of dollars in one day to go to and amusement park / waterpark just because we have nothing better to do and want to get out of the house. One of my favorite suggestions is going to a minor league baseball game. They are very good games and cheap.

We have been taking Brady to minor league baseball games since he was two. When Brady was two my husbands family ended up buying a bunch of tickets to a local minor league game and asked us if we wanted to go - we were worried, concerned he would be bored. The tickets were so cheap that we figured we would try it out - what was the worst that would happen? We would have to leave early....He did amazing and stayed for the whole game and for the fireworks after the game.

We quickly realized that these games are so geared towards little children. The mascots of various local teams are all around the stadium, they do various on-field contests for the children (at two he was obviously to young - but not anymore), they throw shirts (and balls, toys, etc...) into the stands and they have a children's area set up with a bounce house and jungle jim for when the little ones need a break from the game. It is perfect for your young children. Our stadium also has a picnic area - so you could bring some lunch and snacks for before the game and not have the added cost of stadium food.

Our team has a kids club that you can sign your child up for and they will get free tickets to various games throughout the season. We rarely pay for him to go to a game and for one game last season the child was free and could bring an adult for free so the three of us went for the price of one.

I highly recommend this when you are looking for a fun family day out of the house

This is Brady at his first baseball game


  1. What great fun! Who doesn't love a baseball game? I like the idea of you sharing {on a regular basis} ideas like this. Like your family, we get bored and I can't justify the money for some things!

  2. Thanks Danielle.

    We are out of the house a lot but we are always trying to think of cost effective places to go / things to do. Obviously we will go and do amusement parks and things like that too - but on a "normal" weekend we try not to spend much money.

  3. Baseball games are cheap and family outings, especially if your child is into baseball! Otherwise, just the experience: food, crowd, games is a great way to get out of the house. Hope you guys had fun!!

    Emily @ Busy Mom

  4. Emily - Brady is almost 5 now and loves it. At first it was just the experience of being there - now he will actually watch the game.


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