Friday, April 30, 2010

My first month of blogging

Yesterday was one month since my first post. Even if nobody ever read my blog I am so happy to be recording the day to day activities / achievements of my little guys (and really, the entire family). What better way is there to make sure that you remember all the crazy things that your little one's do - that can easily be forgotten once the move on to the next crazy thing (I could easily forget the four year old swinging on the curtains, once he rubs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich all over his naked stomach) - and in the long run I could probably forget both of those items because at the end of the day they aren't the most important things that your children will do...but I don't want to forget. So I will try to continue to capture all these events right here.

Other than these fun and sometimes not-so-fun stories...I am hoping that I can provide my readers and followers some great information and advice in my Travel Tip Tuesday and Why I Love it Wednesday posts

I was so lucky to start blogging prior to the Ultimate Blog Party. It allowed me to *meet* so many other blogging moms and read great stories / see great pictures from all of their family adventures. I want to thank all of you who have been visiting / following my blog so far. Please feel free to provide any feedback or advice that you may have at any time.

Once again, thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome in the blogging world during my first month.


  1. I am so glad to have met so many wonderful people out here in blog land. I can't wait to read more of your blog.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging, my friend! Have fun!

  3. You are doing a great job! I also recently started blogging. I didn't realize the release I would get from it.
    Keep the posts coming. I always enjoy reading them.

  4. Thank you so much ladies...

    Michelle - I agree 100% us ut a great release to just get your thoughts out.

  5. Maggie- Happy 1st month to blogging. Glad that you are enjoying it. And thank you for stopping by Creative and Curious Kids! So many great blogs out there. I like keeping a list on the side of my blog, so I can share with others, but also easy for me to access. Great that you started blogging before the Ultimate Blog Party!

  6. Congratulations. You've done a super job. My goodness what will the next month bring! Also my vote is in for Ethan. He is too cute.


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