Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No Gerber baby here: I am making Ethan's baby food

Now you have to know what a big deal this is - I rarely cook. My husband does the cooking in our house so for me it is a big deal to say that I am making Ethan's baby food. Brady (the four year old) never had "real" food - he got the jar stuff from day one. Honestly, I never thought that I would make baby food - why make it when you can just pick it up at the store. Even a year ago (while I was already pregnant with Ethan) a friend started making baby food for her little guy and I thought she was crazy.

So how did I go from that to being committed to making the baby food? I honestly don't know. Even when Ethan was born, I didn't plan to make his baby food. My husband and I have been talking about it in the last couple of months though, and both agreed that it was a better option (and maybe Ethan will end up with better eating habits than Brady). I think that giving Ethan "real" food may get him more acclimated to what "real" food tastes like and maybe he will have better eating habits than his brother - is that just wishful thinking? Maybe.

So far he had only had cereal and mashed banana, so there has been no "making" involved, but he has done the banana's for a few days and is ready to move on. So, last night I made his first two batches of food (a batch of sweet potato and a batch of carrots). It is so easy - I don't why I didn't do it with Brady. Other than a nice hue of orange that seems to be stained into my hands, things went well. I just threw them in the steamer (one vegetable at a time, of course in case of allergies) waited about 20 minutes, pulled them out - the sweet potato went through the ricer and the carrots went into the food processor.

Honestly, it took no time at all. He will be on sweet potato for the next few days and we will probably freeze the carrots for later. So the decision has been made - Ethan will get home made baby food.

My only concern with the home made baby food is what to do when we are out of the house. We are constantly on the go during the spring / summer and it is more convenient to just through a jar or two in the diaper bag. We will see what happens with this. He may be having home made food at home and store bought when we are out. I guess we will find out how committed I am soon.

Oh, and at four months old...and after only having food for a couple of weeks - he feeds himself. Seriously, and my husband said that yesterday he was actually doing better feeding himself than when my husband tried to feed him. Ethan was grabbing at the spoon so my husband let him try...go it right into his mouth (he has had a lot of practice since he has been teething and biting on everything in site).


  1. Wow, he's feedng himself at 4 months? What made you decide to introduce him to solids so early? I gues I thought it had to be after 6 mos., he seems advanced!

  2. He isn't feeding himself on a regular basis, but he trys to grab the spoon when we are feeding him.

    Our doctor suggested introducing food at 4 months because he was up to 17lbs 2oz (he was 9lbs 4.5oz when he was born) and taking over 40oz of formula a day. I actually thought we would wait until closer to 6 months too - but now that we are feeding him, I know he ws ready.

  3. Oh wow, our boys are similar! Cole was 9.2 at birth and at 11 weeks he is a little over 15! I'll have to talk to the ped. About introducing him to solids in a month.

  4. You could talk to your ped. about it. Is he eating a lot during the day? Some doctors do try to wait until 6 months - I think it just depends on the doctor and the baby of course.

    My first little guy was 9lbs when he was born too and we started him on food at four months as well. We were using a different ped at the time and he suggested food too.


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