Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our Visitor Today

My husband went to take a shower this morning and guess who was in our bath tub...

At first my husband thought it was one of Brady's toys from his bath last night, until it started moving. 

He brought me in and I freaked out...I hate spiders.  I swear I felt like something was crawling on my for hours afterwards.

He was able to get it and throw it out the window behind the bathtub.  I was freaking though.


  1. I would have died!

    I wanted to drop by your blog to say thank-you so much for commenting on my #ubp10 post! I am so blessed by all the wonderful people who stopped by!

    Thanks again,

    twitter @mommymomentblog

  2. It was scary - good thing my husband was home.

    Your blog is great

  3. OMG I cant deal w/ a daddy long legged..I'd have a heart attack seeing that


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