Monday, April 5, 2010

Sugar Highs (and lows) and a Teething baby

But still it was a wonderful weekend, but very busy. Saturday we did all the shopping, cleaning, coloring eggs and assembling Easter Baskets. Brady went with my husband uncle for the afternoon so that my husband and I could get some of this stuff done without a four year old tagging along. Ethan came, but at four months he is easy.

Then onto Sunday.....Brady got a Treasure Map from the Easter Bunny telling him where all the eggs were and eventually leading to his Easter Basket. We added a couple of Eggs for Ethan and his basket to the map as well so that we wouldn't get any questions from Brady. So Brady ran around the house like a mad man finding his eggs and Ethan's eggs and eventually finding his basket (we used sand pails, instead of an actual basket - more practical in my opinion). Of course what is the first thing he does - begins chowing down on jelly beans...yes at about 8am. I told him he had to have "real food" so, we had some breakfast and then headed to my husbands Aunt's house. Her youngest son is 7 months younger than Brady so they were able to play outside for a bit, give each other another Easter Basket and then we had to be on our way.

Next we headed to my Grandparents for the Easter Egg Hunt that they do for the little ones in the family (my youngest cousin is only 9 months older than Brady) the two of them and an eight year old and nine year old cousin all ran around the yard in search of eggs. Brady collected the most eggs - he was so excited...and the kids made sure that Ethan got an egg (and the prize for collecting the least amount of eggs).

The picture above is me, my sister, Ethan and Brady with some of my cousins.

We spent a little bit of time there, the headed home to finish cooking dinner.  My husband put the whole meal together - so all I had to do was some last minute picking up around the house. My husband's grandparents and uncle came by to drop off baskets for the kids, when they left his mom and my grandfather showed up for dinner. We had tons of food - my husband can't cook without making enough for an Army. After dinner my parents came by, along with my sister and her husband and the set up another "Treasure Hunt" in the back yard. So Brady did Egg hunt number 3 for the day - leading him to his basket (and Ethan's) hidden under his slide. They stayed for a bit and then as they were leaving my husbands father stopped by...he left right before 8pm.

Even with all the candy and garbage food that he ate all day we made it through the day with no melt-downs from the four year old....YAY. We had other issues once bedtime came around...but that's another story.

I unfortunately can't say the same for the baby, but he was ok. He just did not want to let himself sleep with all the activity going on around add the teething to the mix and he hasn't been the happiest baby lately anyway. Though he was kind of fussy at various points throughout the day, he only had one complete melt-down, crying uncontrollably - but we were at home so I brought him into my bedroom and let him eat in silence and he seemed better.

By 8pm, everyone had left and we were able to relax...after picking up the house a little, calming and overtired teething baby and attempting to keep and overtired, too much candy eating four year old in bed.

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