Monday, April 5, 2010

Terrible 4's

I could never understand what people were talking about when they said terrible 2's - Brady was amazing at 2, we never really had any problems - no temper tantrums, no bad behavior. Two was great. Fast forward to his 4th birthday (and I swear it started the day he turned 4) he now thinks he runs the place...and he had the attitude of a 13 year old girl. Even though he is punished for his behavior, he still seems to think he can do what he wants, when he wants.

So last night, we were having trouble getting him to go to sleep. I knew that he had a long day and too much candy - I fully expected some bedtime issues as a result of the overtiredness. He got up a couple times, and the last time that he got up he woke up the baby who was sleeping in the swing in the living room (he also had a long day - barley slept, so when he fell sleep there I figured I would just leave him until his bedtime feeding), I honestly wasn't paying too much attention to Brady, because I was now tending to the baby, but I told him to go back to bed and not to get up again. He did.

Later my husband goes in to turn off his night light before we went to bed and what does he see? The toys from his Eater Basket on the bed. He continues to look and finds the basket and candy wrappers....Brady had taken his basket into his room and ate a bunch of the candy while we thought he was sleeping. I couldn't believe it. When he woke up this morning he quickly realized that all of the candy (that he didn't eat) was put away and he would not be having any for a long time.

Our biggest problem is that he doesn't really care when we punish him (if we take a toy away he has said "what, you think I don't have any other toys")? This boy is trouble. I know that it is just him seeing what he can get away with and I know that I just need to make sure that he isn't getting away with this behavior and I am sure eventually he will realize the boundaries and will hopefully stop trying to cross them.


  1. Take all the toys away then! That way you don't have to clean 'em up all the time. Double bonus.

  2. It is funny you say that. That is basically what I told him last time.


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