Friday, April 9, 2010

Thoughts from the train....

I work full-time and commute about and hour each way. The train is my "me time".

Here are some random thoughts that I jotted down this morning:

- I miss my boys, the hardest thing I have to do each day is leave them to go to work

- Ethan is getting so big and changing so much, I can't believe that he is 4 1/2 months already

- I am so proud of how wonderful my husband is doing as a stay at home dad right now - he is amazing with the boys

- I can't believe I over slept this morning

- I need to get more sleep

- I can't believe I still made my train after sleeping so late

- Why am I still drinking this coffee when it is burning my mouth??? I need caffeine

- I hope I can take advantage of half day Friday's today so that I can get home to my boys and begin my weekend


  1. Being a working mom is hard! I work full time outside the home and I am pained every morning as I leave my slumbering house. Having said that..I wish I rode the train. I could use some extra "me-time"

  2. I agree.. If I have to be working it is nice to have some time for myself - at least I can have a cup of coffee before it gets cold.

  3. I haven't commuted to work using public transportation at that length in distance in years, but I remember the time well. When my son was young and CDTA was my form of transportation it was the only time I got to read a book.

  4. Beth - I love that I actually have time to read a book. Until I started taking the train I don't think I had read one since my 4 year old was born.


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