Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Travel Tip Tuesday: Traveling with babies (and little ones)

We took Ethan away for the first time at 6 weeks old and honestly I think the baby was easier than the 4 year old.

What do you really need to pack for a baby this young, they can't play with anything, they aren't need a ton of diapers, wipes, clothes and formula (and if you are nursing that's one less thing right there), that's about it. You probably want to bring a stroller depending on where you are going - I don't know about you but mine is always in the car anyway. The pack and play is up to you - most hotels have cribs, but I usually bring my pack and play. The baby will be packed for in at least half the time of anyone else in the family.

The best advice I can give you is to make a list for each member of the family a week in advance, keep the list accessible and mark it off once things are packed. You will know you brought everything and if you think of additional items throughout the week, just add them to your list. While I was still on Maternity leave my husband and I took the boys to The Great Escape Lodge and indoor water park near Lake George, NY. We went the first week of January and since it was just after the holidays and the kids were back to school we spent about 1/3 of the price per night that we saw during the summer and the added bonus is that neither the hotel or the water park were crowded.

How did we know that we would all enjoy it or that it wouldn't be too much with the baby? We didn't, but we planned three nights thinking that even if it wasn't great and we were bored with the water park we could handle three nights...and we actually added a fourth night while we were there. We made sure to bring plenty of things to do in the room in case the water park got to be too much (honestly we didn't really take any of it out of the bag). We spent no less than 6 hours a day at the water park each day, we did craft projects in the afternoons and had story time with the Looney toons characters each night. Absolutely perfect place for a four year old.

So what did we do with the baby? My husband and I took turns taking Brady to the water park while the other one spent some quality time with Ethan. Being at home with the two of them really meant we didn't have quality time with either of them, but this vacation allowed Brady to have mommy and/or daddy to himself and also gave us some much needed bonding time with Ethan.

The worst part for me - having to put on a bathing suit 6 weeks after having a 9 pound 4 1/2 oz baby.

The whole thing went so smoothly that mommy even got to go to the Spa for a massage one morning.

We have always traveled with Brady too, at 4 years old he has been to PA multiple times, New York, Boston and Rhode Island multiple times and has been to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland and Florida (Disney).  See my other Travel Tip Tuesday posts for how we save money on these trips. 

As long as you do a little planning and research in advance you can really enjoy vacationing with your little ones.
Here is a picture from Ethan's first vacation (6 weeks old).  This is both boys at bed time story time at the Great Escape Lodge.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the tips! We're planning to visit my husband's family {and Mickey Mouse} in California at the end of the summer. 2 weeks with 3 kids... Yikes.

  2. Thanks for following. We travel often with our little guys - we are thinking of planning a long weekend in May right now.

    Good luck with the trip. We brought our little guy to Disney in Florida the week before his 3rd birthday.

  3. You put on a bathing suit that soon? brave woman-I still haven't attempted it and it's been 6 months. shudder.

  4. Believe me...I was as covered up as possible. It was one of those mommy things that I had to do though.


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