Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a good big brother

Ethan went in the walker for the first time today...I know that doctor's don't recommend them - but we won't leave him unattended so I think it is ok - Brady got down on the ground and was trying to teach him how to play in it...


  1. I think you should do what's ok for you and yours, ya know? If you're going to be there, I'm sure it'll be great fun for him!

  2. We will probably put it away at the first signs of him being able to really move in it...just to be safe.

  3. how cute! oh we'd be completely lost without his walker. I mean if they want to stand might as well give our arms a break. The Pedi said his legs were great and strong, and he's not damaging himself.

    I put it on the carpet if I don't want him to move and he's great like that. He loves to talk to the toys on the walker.

  4. I didnt have a walker but I had a jumperoo the kids loved. Heaven used it till she was 13 months but TJ only used it for month 6 and never wanted to be left in it. I think the jumperoo helped Heaven learn to walk.
    So sad one day they are in the walker, next thing they are talking back :)

  5. We have the jumperoo too and an exersaucer....My boys are spoiled. We had all that stuff for Brady so now Ethan has them too.


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