Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I would never buy at the dollar store -

I happened to be wondering around our dollar store yesterday (kids were at home with my husband) and I noticed a couple of items that I definately would not trust from a dollar store (also see my Why I love the dollar store post).

I saw swimming / floatation devices for the pool. I just would not feel right about putting my child's safety in the *hands* of a $1 flotation device (even if I am right there with him). It would just make me to nervous.

On a completely different topic, they also sell pregnancy tests. That is one thing that is a little too important (in my opinion) to leave to a $1.00 product. That is not to say they don't work (they probably do) but for me even if it said no I wouldn't believe it anyway and would go out and buy a more expensive - drugstore in reality I would just be spending an extra dollar if I bought it at the dollar store.

I don't know why I felt the need to post this....just popped into my head

So what things have you seen at the dollar store (or another discount store) that you wouldn't feel comfortable buying there?


  1. Food. I will not buy food at the dollar store. I just... I mean... it's funky looking and why is it only there and not at the grocery store? I mean, really.

    I did buy a stack of their pregnancy tests once though. They were a gag gift. I wrapped them up with a note that said "First comes love, then comes marriage... now get started on the baby carriage!" and gave them to a friend at her bridal shower. She loved it!

    I'm pretty sure she was more like us though and bought some EPTs when the time really came ;o)

  2. I will do some frozen or name brand foods, but I don't venture too far into the foods either.

    I love that you bought the preganacy tests for a gag gift - that is great.

  3. I know quite a few people who've actually had better/quicker results from dollar store pregnancy tests than brand names.

    I'm with you on the flotation devices though!!

  4. I'll buy some of the food. But I WILL not buy dollar store hamburger helper. I've tried it once and it was awful. I have to have the real thing.

  5. I am sure that the pregnancy test work - but for some reason I just wouldn't feel comfortable/

    Michelle - I have never tried the hamburger helper there. Now I will be sure not to.


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