Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I love the dollar store -

There are a few different dollar stores around, but Dollar Tree is my favorite. This is the one where everything really is only $1.00.

My favorite things to buy there:

- Baby spoons (12 for $1)

- Frozen food (the selection always changes, but I usually check it out)

- Duncan Hines - snack size mixes (cookies, cupcakes, brownies). I can never seem to find them in the regular grocery store and they are perfect for when you have a little bit of a sweet tooth but I don't want to make the full size box for just me, my husband and Brady .

- I will buy paper towel there

- Sometimes I will get cleaner (depending on what they have that week)

- Baby wash

- Picture Frames

- Candles

and then whatever else I think is a good deal while I am wandering around the store. Oh and they are perfect for birthday party goodie bags.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dollar Store. I just bought a bunch of stuff for the kids party

  2. It is perfect for kids party things

  3. I love ALDI too. They are pretty inexpensive and have a great frozen food section. The dollar store is great for party items and cards!

  4. We go to ALDI a lot too. I always stock up on frozen food there...and peanut butter (my 4 year old would live on it if I let him) is cheaper at ALDI than I find it anywhere else.

  5. I can normally find really cute gift bags. So much better then paying $4 or higher.

  6. I always buy gift bags there. When you buy gift wrap / gift bags at other stores (between the bag and tissue paper it can be $8-$10...or $2 at the dollar store)


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