Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I Love it Wedenesday: Keurig Coffee Maker

Honestly, this is one of my favorite things I have ever owned. We actually got it for Christmas from my husbands aunt so I have had a few months to fall in love with it even more. We got the platinum version - which makes not only the hot tea and coffee, but also has an iced coffee setting. Ok so I admit it...I am a coffeeholic. I probably drink as much coffee in a day as most people drink in a week. Having said that, my husband and I would still dump out half pots of coffee because it was sitting around for too long or I would decided that I wanted a flavor coffee instead of the regular in the coffee pot. Now there is no waste. Plus its quick - I can make a cup of coffee on my way out the door (put k-cup in, get purse, phone, coat - by the time I am ready to go so is my coffee).

I find that it is fun too. When you have a few people over for dinner they can select which type of coffee they want. You can make four cups of coffe with four different flavors. They have some fun flavors too - around the holidays that had gingerbread, french toast, egg nog (which I wasn't daring enough to try)...but they also have more normal light, medium and dark coffes as well as espresso. They have teas as well. There is something for everyone's taste.

Some people worry that the cups are too expensive. I will admit they aren't cheap, but you can get them in the $0.40 a cup range - sometimes cheaper if you want to buy the 80 cup box at one of the wholesale clubs (Sam's Club, Costco etc...) or if you want to sign up for recurring deliveries from They also sell the k-cups at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macey's and Kohls - so if you are looking to save money on the wait until you get a good coupon from one of those stores and stock up. I usually get 18 for $6.99 at Stop and Shop, because I am lazy...and that is fine with me.

If you don't want the added expense of the K-cups there is also a filter that you can buy to put in the place of the k-cup. This will allow you to brew your favorite coffee without buying the k-cup. This will keep your costs down, and still allow you the convienence of a one cup coffe maker. I do have to say I like the fact that you don't have to feel commited to buying the cups all the time.

If you are a coffee addict (or even if you are not) you will love this machine. I highly recommend checking it out.

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