Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why I love it Wednesday - Trader Joe's Apple and Carrot Sauce

This has been one of my top food purchases (for my four year old) over the past year. My mom bought them one day, knowing that Brady won't eat vegetables (see how to get a stubborn 4 year old to eat his veggies)and hoping to be able to trick him. Well, it worked - he inhaled the "applesauce" in seconds...seriously, I think he devoured the thing in less than a minute. Guess what...My son got a vegetable into his diet, and we have been buying them ever since.

How did he not notice that his applesauce was orange? They come in these great Crusher contains (I can't really explain it but take a look at the pictures of Ethan eating them below).

It hides everything nicely inside and your child will never have to know that they are eating carrot's in their applesauce. Though, eventually they will catch on since the package has apples and carrots on it, but by that time they will like them so much that they won't care that they have given in and eaten a vegetable.

At first I was worried that there would be a lot of added sugar, but after reading the label I was happy and a little surprised to find out that it is apple, carrot and pumpkin purees.  So now not only does my guy eat carrots but he eats pumpkin too (I think pumpkin has a lot of protien in it....or that was just what I told myself when I was pregnant and craving pumpkin pie).

The newest reason that I love it...the baby can eat them too.  They are so convienent to throw in a diaper bag or a cooler when you are on the go - and they are not messey so it is a perfect snack for the four year old when we are in the car.

I love, love, love Trader Joe's crushers and highly recommend that you try them out with your little ones (especially if they aren't veggie lovers).

Now here is a picture of Ethan having his first crushers experience (oh and you can see a tooth in that picture too):

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