Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 year old poop problems

The 5 year old has been constipated - since yesterday...Problem is he tries to hold it in because he is scared that it will hurt.  Last night he peed himself (he has been potty trained since before he was 3) because he was trying so hard to hold the poop in.

Well today we were at Walmart and he was obviously trying to hold it in again.  So we bring him to the bathroom and he wouldn't poop.  Even in the bathroom he was still trying to hold it in.  He was crying about how bad it hurt (nobody told me that as a mom - I would have to be kneeling on a bathroom floor at holding my child on the toilet to get him to poop - GROSS).  Both my husband and I were feeling horrible for him.  We made him stay in there and try for a bit - he was actually screaming / crying.  He finally asked me if he could just go poop in his own house.

Well we weren't going home - we had to stop at my husbands grandmothers house...but that was close enough to home.  So he went in their bathroom (with a bit of prodding) and finally ended up being able to poop.

Poor little guy - he does well with eating fruit but won't eat a vegetable at all....the up-side is that when I told him that eating veggies regularly would make it so that he doesn't have this problem - so he agreed to eat veggies and he ate squash for dinner (it was mashed with some applesause....but that is better than nothing).

He is feeling much better tonight but


  1. My friend has a lot of problems with her son in the pooping department...well she has to sneak in that powder fiber, it has no taste (she even slips it in his water, so you know it has no taste) that way it is easier for him to poop...and makes him more regular! Maybe you can talk to your pedi about it! :) Just trying to help! Oh, and no one told me that potty training a boy I would be kneeling on a public restroom floor either. ugh.

  2. Thanks for the advice. We don't have the problem a ton but the last few days have been sort of bad for him. I probably will discuss with his doctor at his appointment next month.

    I hate public restrooms - and though I have gotten used to them since Brady potty trained - I was really grossed out today.

  3. Hey i really like ur blog & I am happy i found u! thanx for following me & i am gonna do too!

  4. Thank you...I am glad that you are liking my blog


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