Monday, May 24, 2010

Ethan is 6 months old....

Well he won't be until tomorrow, but since we are leaving for vacation early Wednesday I don't know if I will get online tomorrow night.

So my little guy is already 6 seems like it has just flown by. He is moving around a lot now - he mastered rolling and is rolling across the floor with very little problems. He he also be scooting around on his back for a while (he digs his heels into the ground and pushes off) and though I haven't seen it yet, my mom said that when he was on his tummy it seemed like he was trying to crawl. I am hoping he waits a while on that one - I am just not ready. Even worse than that...he stands. If I stand him up holding onto the side of is bed, a table (this makes me nervous), standing toy, etc...he holds on and stands and the other day he was holding my hands while standingand tried to let go, now obviously that immediatly put him off balance and he landed on his butt - the problem is that apparently he is adventurous enough to try it. I think I am going to be in trouble with this one. He is not interested in sitting (except when it is time to eat - but that is in a high chair so that doesn't really count) - he can sit there if I put him down, but as soon as he decides he wants a hand in his mouth - it is all over. Most of the time when I try to sit him down he pushes he feet against the ground to stand instead.

In terms of his new foods this month, we have added the following foods to his diet:

- Avocado (he didn't love the texture - even though it was mashed good it would get stuck to the roof of his mouth a bit)

- Plantains

- peaches

- mango

- peas

- pears

- Apricots (he had a little rash after trying them - I am not sure if it was related but we are going to hold off for a bit)

- corn

His favorites - Carrots, Sweet Potato, Banana (seriously he would eat a whole mashed banana if we let him)

Not on the top of his list - Green Beans (though I think he is getting better with them), Avocado (see above)

He is getting ALMOST all homemade food (though he will be getting some jar food on vacation). He still gets green beans and peas out of a jar (see his 5 month post - I worry about the consistency when I make them myself) and every once in a while he gets Trader Joes natural applesause (apples and water only). It is going really well - the five year old is eating mashed carrots (with Trader Joes natural applesause) too since I can't get a veggie in his diet any other way.
He is still in LOVE with his jumperoo. He also loves just playing / rolling on the floor. He is grabbing / playing with things more now so he play's with Brady's dinosaurs on occasion now too.
and here he is....


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