Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Friday....

...and the plan is to be on the Train at 2:20 (at the latest) - we have half day Friday's at work, but it never really happens.  If I can leave by 2:20 that is three hours earlier than the EARLY train (that I rarely make) and almost 4 hours earlier than the one that I usually take....If I am out at 2:20 I will be happy.
Then to Walmart to buy the decorations for Brady's family party tomorrow, maybe an early dinner out with the boys and then home.  My husband is making the cake tonight (I love that he does this - not only does it save us money...but I don't have to do it - he is much more creative than I am anyway) and I will probably do cupcakes...
Right now I am thinking pineapple and coconut with cream cheese frosting (similar to pineapple upside down cake but in cupcake form) and some other fancy cupcakes.  I will probably end up with normal (out of the box) pre-made frosting ones...My ambition seems to decline as the day goes on.
The best part....we are having the party at a restaurant and not our house - so no last minute crazy cleaning needs to be done tonight in preparation for the party.


  1. Have fun. I love it when we can eat out and there's no dishes!!


  2. We did eat out...and got all the party things. Now my husband is decorating the cake and I am about to go make some pineapple cupcakes (get it....sponge bob party with pineapple cupcakes)


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