Monday, May 3, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a super busy weekend...

Saturday morning my husband and Brady got up early and went to a Fishing Derby.  Ethan and I got up and headed over there for the last half hour or so.

From there we went to a local beach town and walked around, looked at the boats, enjoyed some music and some cute little stores.

Then on Sunday we went to the Duck Race.  They have this event where you buy a bath tub rubber duck with a number on the bottom.  They dump all of the ducks in the river and the first 100 that come through win prizes (from a trip to Disney to LCD TV to local baseball games and more).  Beyond the actual race they have a bunch of games / activities for the kids.  We had a great time and saw a bunch of friends that we haven't seen in a while too (we were able to congratulate friends in person on an engagement, on the birth of a baby and on a pregnancy).

Ethan was so tired by this point...

Then we went for ice cream / italian ice before heading home

When we got home the boys played outside for a bit before dinner


  1. This looks like it was such a great day! I love crashed out baby pics. :)

  2. This was actually two days...if I did all this in one day I would have been exhausted :)

    I don't get to many sleepy baby pics...he isn't a very deep sleeper so I always worry that I am going to wake him.


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