Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Sponge Bob birthday party

What a great way to start my Mother's Day weekend - we had my little guys 5th birthday party (for his friends - family party is next weekend) on Friday afternoon at Chuck E Cheese.  Initially I didn't want to do a Chuck E Cheese party (have you ever been there on a weekend?? It is out of control) but Brady really wanted it there so we decided to do a Friday afternoon when it would be less crowded.  He is in preschool until 11:30 so the kids all came after school.

My mom picked Brady up from school and brought him to the party so that we could go early and set up.

When the kids arrived they played for a little bit.  Brady was dancing with my 9 year old cousin (he didn't have school that day)

and then this is him riding the virtual rollar coaster with one of his best friends

Then it was time for pizza and to meet Chuck E Cheese

They played some more and then it was time for cake

We had a great time and he had so much fun with his friends.  Now on to getting ready for the family party next weekend.


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