Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Travel Tip Tuesday: Check out the prices on Jr. Suites

When traveling with your children you have the akward time between their bed time and when you would normally go to bed. Since you are all crammed into one room it is hard to watch tv or even read a book because your child / children are trying to sleep.

My tip to remedy this situation...Check out Jr.Suites at your hotel. Really I would suggest looking at all of the various room types and selecting the one that fits you and your family best - but we have had really good luck with these Jr. Suites.

What is a Junior Suite - It honestly depends on the hotel.

At one hotel we stay at their Junior Suite has two floors - it still only includes one bedroom, but that it upstairs so you can put the children to bed and go downstair to the living room and watch tv / read a book and still let you little ones get some much needed rest.

We have stayed at other hotels that have a half wall that blocks off one side of the room from the other. Though they will still be able to hear the TV or see the lights that you may have on, it is less distracting to them and for the most part they are blocked from whatever you are doing and it allows them to get some sleep.

A third type of room that we have found is one with two bedrooms - connected by a small walkway wich is where your bathroom is. This is another good option because it will be similiar to a home environment in which your children have their own room that they go to for bed time. Especially, if you are trying to get your little one to sleep in their own room / own bed at home...a week at a hotel can really set you back if you are all sleeping in the same room - this option allows you to be in the same room and still gives you the availability to continue encouraging the sleep behaviors that you have been working on at home.

Having said all of this, there are times when a suite or larger room is out of our price range, so we stay in a standard hotel room and we can make that work too. I do recommend checking the other room options though, we have found, on many occasions that the bigger rooms don't really cost that much more than the standard rooms and you will all be much happier in a larger room.

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  1. That's a good tip! I never knew those types of rooms existed. We'll definitely check into them next time we stay in a hotel!


  2. We almost get the rooms with a half wall - and Brady sleeps on the pull out couch that they will have (or they will give you a cot)...these rooms are usually almost the same price as a regular room.

    The other types tend to be a little more expensive - but can bell well worth it.


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