Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ethan is 7 months old....

Ethan is 7 months (as of yesterday) and we have had a busy month.

He is rolling like crazy...anywhere he wants to go. He was rolling last month too - but now we are at that point that if you turn your back for a second he is across the room.

He has finally decided that he likes sitting - though he could sit last month he just wasn't interested and he wasn't steady at all. Now he is really sitting - he can reach and grab things without falling, he can get his hands in his mounth without toppeling over and even when he wobbles a bit he can usually catch himself. At my mom's house yesterday he was actually sitting with his brother playing (well - Ethan was chewing on toys and Brady was playing).

We got three more teeth this month. They are through and he did REALLY well for getting so many at one time. He wasn't himself but he wasn't too cranky. He has been really good with teething so fay (knock on wood). I think I can see another one trying to pop through too - but it's not quite ready yet. I hope he gets a little break.

He thinks he brother is hilarious. Ethan does not laugh at anyone the way he laughs at his brother. Brady can be playing with dinosaurs and using the "sharp tooth" to kill the "long neck" (we are VERY into the land before time) and Ethan will just be laughing away. It is so adorable - he really loves his big brother.

In the last couple months the personality has really come out. He is so happy (except when he is hungry or tired at which point you would think that someone was ripping he arm out because he screams so loud), he loves attention (he wants people to look at him, talk to him, play with him, etc) and if you aren't giving him the attention he wants he will look at you and do this coughing thing to get your attention - I love it.

He says "da-da" all the time. His favorite thing to say. We have heard a "mama" pop out a couple of times, but it is clear that either way he is just babbling and not really meaning anything by it. I love hearing him try to talk though. He is alo getting loud. Not that he is upset just trying out the talking thing.

New Foods:
He is chewing now, so we have been able to give him things with a bit more consistency.  He had Gerber puffs for the first time and these baby rice cakes (mum mum's - I think).  He also had parsnips and mango for the first time...and he tried cheeries too.  He is still getting almost all homemade food.

We have been doing a lot of combo's this month:
Sweet Potato and Banana,
Carrots and applesauce,
Squash and sweet potato

His favorite Foods:
Banana (in small pieces or mashed)
Sweet Potato

He still likes the jumperoo.  He loves the walker.  Bouncy Seats and the Swing are on the way out - he is getting bored with them.  He grabs at everything - and is able to hold / play and chew on any toy that he can find. 

I am loving how much he is changing every day and how many more things he has been able to do in the last few weeks.


  1. That spider reminds me of some I've seen recently. YUCK!!

    Sweet post about your little guy. And what a beautiful job you are doing of documenting his life.

  2. Happy 7 months to the cutie pie, Sugar Plum turned 7 months on the 26th. Aren't the changes so fun.


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