Monday, June 14, 2010

Homemade Baby Food - What's on the baby's plate this week?

As many of you know, I am making our little guy's baby food so I thought that this would be an interesting way to track what he is eating as well as giving some ideas and helpful hints to others making baby food.
We have been having great luck at our local market for fruits and veggies so we stocked up on Friday.  The best deal was peaches for $0.49 per pound.  You will see that my weekend posts are all food related and all include peaches.
Preparation for the peaches - cut them in half, remove the pit and throw them in the steamer (one of my favorite baby food making tools).  Once they are steamed the skin just about falls off, so remove the skin and mash.  That is it - so simple.  If the consistency is still thicker than you would like it just through it in the food processor or blender until it is the desired consistency.
So here is what he will be eating this week:
Peaches (steamed and mashed)
Sweet Potato (steamed and mashed)
Mashed Banana (a staple and one of his favorites)
Butternut Squash
Mango (new food for the week)
 - I also have some pears so I may make them too we will see how the week goes
Our combo's this week will be:
Sweet Potato and Banana
Squash and Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato or squash with Trader Joe's Natural Applesauce (just water and apples)
Rice Cereal with Peaches or applesauce
My little guy just started on the gerber puffs too.  It is still more playing than eating at this point but he is doing ok with holding them and getting them to his mouth and he chews away and grinds them down with his two little teeth.  So he will probably eat / play with them this week too.
I am also looking for a recipe for teething biscuits if anyone has a good one.


  1. You rock girl. Don't know how you find the time. I was lucky to make it to the store to buy the stuff. I'm sure it's much better for baby though.

  2. I wish Sugar Plum would eat what I make her - I really want to give her combos, but since she will only eat the sweet potatoes and bananas that will have to wait.

  3. Alicia - With my first he got all store bought baby food...but this time I decided to try to make as much as possible. He does still get store bought sometimes, especially when we were on vacation.

    Have you tried apple's or pears with Sugar Plum? How about squash - that is a fairly plain flavor. Hoping she startd to better with her eating.


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