Friday, June 4, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

Thank you so much to beingzaraandzidan for giving me this award.  I love your blog.

By accepting this award, I have to post 10 random things about myself. So here it is.....
  1. I hugs and kisses from my boys
  2. I hate putting the boys to bed (because I don't see them much during the day) but I love that relaxing quiet time at the end of the day
  3. One of my new favorite kitchen items is my bread maker - so easy and yummy
  4. I love taking picture of my boys - but I need a new (good) camera
  5. I love going fruit picking in the summer / fall
  6. I am in love with how amazed Ethan is at everything
  7. I am scared for Ethan to be on the move - I know he is going to be chasing after his big brother and then we will really be in trouble :)
  8. I freak everytime on of the kids has a rash, cough, or just isn't acting right - I always worry that they are sick or getting sick when they aren't acting right
  9. I hate when my house is a mess....
  10. ....but I hate cleaning it
As part of the rules, I now have to forward the award to some of my favorite bloggers.  So here they are:

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  1. THANKS so much when I get off the road, I'll post

  2. Thanks so much for the honor Maggie!

  3. Thanks so much for the award. I'm touched. I also love taking pictures and having a clean home. We'd get along swell. I'll try to get this up on my blog soon. Still playing a little catch up from my trip. But THANKS again.


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