Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Wonderful Summer Day

We had a busy day....we went shopping for a gift for my cousin's little girls baptism tomorrow and went to lunch -

Ethan playing with a piece of celery...and trying to eat it.

Then we went to Friendly's for FREE ice cream cones

and then it was on to do some swimming at my husbands grandmother's house.  Ethan loves the pool - he even kicks and moves his hands like he is trying to swim.  This is not his first time in the pool - he was in at least two days this week and I sat on the edge of the wave pool with him at the waterpark on vacation last week...but these are the first pictures of him in the pool - so we will just pretend that it is the first time :)



  1. Sounds like a pretty great summer day if it's warm enough for ice cream and swimming.

  2. It was great...we love that the weather is getting so warm


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