Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Meet and Greet and Sweet Potato Muffins

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If you follow my blog, you may know that we have some trouble getting our 5 year old to eat veggies.  I found some recipes for Sweet Potato muffins (I also found some for squash muffins, carrot muffins and my mom has one for spinach muffins)  and decided to try them this morning.

They came out really good - the recipe that I used was actually a little more dense than I would like, but I can fix that in the future.  The recipe made 36 muffins so I made the base sweet potato recipe and then made the following variations:
  • Sweet Potato and Peaches
  • Sweet Potato and Peaches with crused nuts and brown sugar on top
  • Sweet Potato with applesauce and peaches
  • Sweet Potato and banana
They were really yummy and yes....the five year old ate them (and enjoyed them). 

Brady also helped me make them...he loves cooking / baking with us.


  1. Really? Do the kids like them too? I'd love for you to link it to my Tasty Teusdays meme. Stop by Tuesday.

  2. The 5 year old loved them....there was about two cups of sweet potato in the batch that I made - but it wasn't too overpowering especially with the fruit. I will stop by on Tuesday - do you want the actual recipe?

  3. already a follower. love ur style of blogging

  4. Thank you all for stopping by

  5. Hi there! Found you from Meet & Greet Monday, nice to meet you! :)


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