Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Travel Tip Tuesday - Williamsburg, VA

When planning a big vacation (more than a couple of days) my vacation motto is Plan, Plan, Plan.  There are many reasons that planning should be a big part of your vacation preparation, but the biggest reason is that it can save you money....and who doesn't like to save money???
On our recent vacation we visited Williamsburg, VA, prior to planning the trip we got online to determine what we wanted to do while we were there.  We knew we wanted to go to Bush Gardens (for those of you with little ones - they have a Sesame Street section that your little ones will enjoy) for at least a couple of days, we figured we would go to the waterpark for a day (or at least half a day) and we thought that we would like to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  From there we started to price it out to determine how much it would cost. As you all know Theme Park vacations can get very expensive very quickly.
On the Bush Gardens Website we found the following for Daily Passes (for my husband and I and the five year old it would have been $175.85 for one day plus $13 in parking).  Remember that this is just one park for one day. 
2010 Regular Admission Rates
Regular Admission                      $61.95 
Child Admission (ages 3-9)          $51.95
Children 2 and under                   Free

Parking                                      $13
We continued to look and found a multi-day ticket.  This was for up to 7 consectutive days and granted you admission to both Bush Gardens and Water Country (parking was not included).  This sounded like a much better deal.  The price was $69.95 ages three and up.  What a great deal - for seven days we would be paying just over the price of a single day admission and we would be able to go to both parks.  For my husband, myself and the five year old it would be $209.85 for three days. 
Regular (Ages 3 & Up) $69.95
We continued to look and found the Williamsburg Bounce Pass, which ended up being the best deal for us.  It included Bush Gardens, and Water Country as did the one above, but this one also included Colonial Williamsburg.  The pass was good for 7 consecutive days and also included parking which is a savings ove $13 per day...and the best part - It was free for children under 6.  The total cost for our family was $197.60 only $21.75 more than a one day pass for the family.
Adult (Ages 18 & Up) $98.80
Child (Ages 6-17) $82.00
Child Under 6yrs $0.00
We only ended up being there for 4 days (instead of the 7 included in the pass) and we decided to skip Colonial Williamsburg because we figured it wouldn't be as much fun for the five year old.  We saved a ton of money and we found these deals right on the Bush Gardens Website.
If you are planning a trip to that area, or even if you are not I would check out these deals.  You will be surprised at how affordable a Theme Park vacation can be.
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