Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday - Vacation Wrap Up (Day 1 and 2)...


I am finally getting a chance to write about our vacation...a week later. 

I was a little bit nervous to take both boys on the longest road trip that we have taken.  The car ride was 8 hours each way, assuming no traffic or stops - which you know doesn't happen.  We made the decision to stop approximately half way through in Hershey, PA.  This was a perfect stopping point for us since we have been there many time and therefore knew where to go, what to do, and had some ideas of where we should stay.  With all that said we did one thing on this trip that I rarely recommend...we got in the car without a hotel booked.  We weren't positive that we were going to stop in Hershey, so we did check out some hotels but we didn't book anything.  This proved to be a great move for us since we ended up getting our hotel in Hershey for $50 using Roomsaver.

We were on the road by 6am...yes with two little ones we managed to get out that eary - I was shocked.  This was perfect because we missed most of the traffic and made it to Hershey early in the day.  We called a hotel when we were about an hour away, they told us they have availability and that they would have a room ready when we got there. 

Since we got there early we were able to do some fun things in the Hershey area that day.  We went to Chocolate World.  For those of you who don't know about this place it is a great place to go with your small children.  They have a ride that shows you how they make chocolate, they have a 3-D movie, they have an assembly line set up that your children can pretend that they are making the chocolate, they have a brand new make your own candy bar activity (I will write more about this later in my trip re-cap) and of course they have a store to but anything and everything Hershey.

As I said, we have been there before but Brady was super excited this time.  He loved every part of it.  It is a perfect low key and cheap family activity.

It was still early so we decided to visit Indian Echo Cavern.  We hadn't done this in the past because Brady was too little, but we decided we would try it this time.  It is amazing they take you down 100 feet and take you through explaining the detail of how this was natuarally created and how it changes with the weather.  It was exciting for Brady and interesting for me.  Ethan got cranky about half way through so my husband took him out and they relaxed in the car while Brady and I finished the tour.  It was amazing.

Now onto day 2 - we woke up and got on the road an headed to Herr's Snack food Factory.  They have a free tour with a short video about the company and then they take you through the plant.  You actually get to see them making different items...we saw them making popcorn, pretzels and potato chips.  They best part they give you warm chips that were just made in the factory - yummy.  Again, a perfect thing for a 5 year old - he loved it and had his face planted up against the glass throughout the whole tour.  They didn't allow picture in the plant, but here is one after the tour.

Unfortunatly the rest of the day didn't go quite the way we planned and we hit a ton of traffic.  So we ended up stopping at another unplanned hotel about an hour away from our final destination - Williamsburg, VA.  We used Roomsaver again and once again got our room for about $50. 

So there it is...Day 1 and day 2 - there is plenty more vacation adventure ahead once I get some time to blog about the rest of our trip.


  1. Looks like fun! We were planning on going to Hershey and Indian Echo Caverns this summer... not sure if we will actually make it or not though LOL

  2. You should try to go...we love that area

  3. looks like a fun vacation!!! great pictures :) thanks for playing!!!

  4. Sounds like fun! It's nice to hear about a family friendly vacation spot first-hand! And I'm so glad it worked out with the kids, well, except the traffic part at the end of day 2....


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