Monday, June 7, 2010

What is on the baby's plate this week???

I have been making most of his baby food for the past two months (since he started food at 4 months).  I have to admit he has been getting more pre-made stuff than I would like in the last week or so, but that is because we were on vacation and it was easier to throw a jar in the diaper bag.
We are back to it.  My husband stopped at this great market near us - fruits and veggies are so cheap (and grown locally as much as possible).  He got three bags of fruits and veggies for about $12.  So last night I made Ethan's food for the week.  He will be having two of his favorites (sweet potato and carrots) and a new item (parsnips).  I am interested to see how he does with the parsnips - we will probably end up mixing with another familiar flavor, but we will see how it goes.  The veggies will be supplemented with banana's, another one of his favorite foods, and Trader Joe's Natural Applesauce (just apples and water). 
When introducing new items I like to offer them alone so that we can see how he reacts to the flavor.  For items that he has previously eaten we have been trying combinations.
Fruit and Veggie combo's this week will be:
Sweet Potato and Banana
Carrots and Applesauce (my 5 year old will also get this for a snack, he will probably eat sweet potato and applesauce too)

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