Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Missing my Boys...

It is 8:30 and I am on the train....I am not home yet and won't be for about a half hour....That means both boys will be in bed....and since I left at 7 I only saw them for about 5 minutes this morning.  This is week two of these hours at work and I am missing my little guys.  Hopefully work will slow down soon - probably a week or so more.

I have worked (in the same type job) all along even after having my first guy - but for some reason after having the baby it has been so much harder to be away.  I don't know why it seems so much worse this time around.

I just got home and my older guy managed to stay up to wait for is way past his bed time, but I was happy to see that he was still awake.  I read him a story and got him back in bed - so it was nice to have a few minutes with him.


  1. I sympathize! This is my biggest fear about going back to work in 2 weeks. Some days I will get to see a little of Sugar Plum before I leave and then put her to bed when I get home. I'm just not sure that its worth it. I am going to miss so much.

  2. Its funny because the first time around I feel back into my rountine quickly....I missed not being with Brady - but we loved our daycare and he did great there.

    This time it just seems so much harder. Most of the time I see them for a little bit in the morning and am home in time to put them to bed...but these last couple of weeks have been hard for me.

    Enjoy your next couple of weeks at home with your little one.


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