Saturday, July 24, 2010

My little man tried meat

We gave him Sweet Potato and Turkey for the first time tonight.  He seemed to like it....I think it could have been thicker and he probably would have done better.  He didn't seem overly excited, but he ate it.  I found a Chicken with carrot and apple recipe in my First Meals book (by the way you can get it for $1.34 at Amazon) that I think I am going to try for him tomorrow.


  1. Hi, not sure where I found your blog, but I'm saying hi. You are in my blogroll now. How old is your little guy. My little one isn't too fond of meat just yet at 16 months old, but he will eat cut up hot dogs.

  2. Thank you Alicia.

    Heather- thank you for stopping by (I will come visit you too)...My little man is 8 months old - my older guy is 5 years old


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