Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Travel Tip Tuesday - Visit Disney for a Special Event


If you are planning a trip to Disney try to plan it around your little one's birthday. This is a hard decision to make, because you don't want your little one to expect that every birthday will compare to a Disney trip but I would still highly recommend it.

We brought our older guy for his 3rd birthday (the bonus, since he wasn't 3 yet - his birthday was during our trip...he was still FREE) and he had an amazing time. I thought 3 would be too young, since he won't really remember it - but he was free and my husband and I had day left on the non-expiring passes that we had previously bought so we decided to give it a shot.

Before we went a friend told us to be sure that we stopped by guest services for a birthday pin that he could wear the whole time we were there. I was so happy that we knew to do this. The pin said Happy Birthday and had him name too. For the entire trip everyone working in the park, from Characters to people running the rides, to the people cleaning up around the park all said hello and happy birthday to him. He LOVED the attention. He felt so special. Beyond that on certain rides they gave him stickers / temporary tattoo's because it was his birthday. To top it off every time we went to eat in the park he got a special treat (ice cream, cookie, cupcake, etc...) and when we went to the Character Breakfast that we did to celebrate his birthday - they gave him a birthday card signed by the characters.

Also stop by there Guest Services for pins for your child's (or your) first trip to Disney, anniversary's, etc...

We are planning a Disney Trip again in the next year or so and I would love to plan it around our older guys birthday again (the baby will be too small to appreciate it), I think our older guy will appreciate it even more now that he is that little bit older. The trip after the next one will have to be around the baby's birthday :)

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  3. Man, do they give adults such royal treatment for their birthdays? If so, sign me up!


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