Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Milestone for the 5 year old....

He typed his first email...He was at my mom's the other day (he stayed overnight) and he woke up wanting me. I was already on my way to work, but she told him that she would send me an email and I would get it. He said he wanted to do it. So my child who is just starting to figure out spelling, typed a whole email to me (with a little help from grandma of course.) She said that he was concentrating so hard that he forgot he was upset :)

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  1. so cute! Save that one forever, you can show him when he's 20!

    Here from FFF, happy weekend!

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  5. That is so sweet and amazing! Print it out for his baby book - then you can both treasure it for years to come!

  6. They grow so fast! Now it will be his computer ! Too cute!
    I am a new follower!! Stopping in from Follow Friday!You can find me at

  7. OH MY GOSH that is so sweet!! WOW!!! My mom still can't type an email! haha!!

    I'm following you from Design It Chic Boost My Blog Friday!! :)

  8. I love your blog its adorable. Found your blog on blog hop and followed :)

    Send the love back please :)

  9. Here from the blog hop... so cute.. now you know how to get rid of his nostalgia... texting is next come 2nd grade he will be a texting whiz, most of them are, not that it makes them good spellers ;)


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