Sunday, August 15, 2010

More Adventures with a 5 year old

When my older guy was supposed to be in bed - I saw him sneak into the kitchen.  I told him to come into the living room but he ignored me and headed straight for his room.  I knew something was up so I followed him and caught up to him in the corner outside of his bed room.  He shows me a yogurt tube and says he took it from the fridge.  Well I look on the floor behind him and there were two more that he was trying to hide. 

I wanted to laugh (we have these little occurances all the time), but had to stay strong and he was toys/stuffed animals in his bed tonight.  It is so hard to punish them at bed time - but he really does this stuff all the time so I had to stay strong.  Of course then it took him another hour (and a couple times out of bed) before he was in bed asleep but what are you going to do....this is what happens when they start "testing"



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