Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend, starting with a fair on Friday night, shopping and a family carnival on Saturday and some more shopping today - along with movie time with our older guy while the baby was napping, some cooking and lots of fun with the boys. 

The fair Friday night was small but perfect for us.  Brady hasn't really been loving farm animals but he did great seeing the Cows, sheep, llamas, etc....and Ethan was mooing back at the cute (he won't say mama, but he will moo). 

Saturday I saw a sign for this family carnival that one of the local daycares was having.  Games, art projects, water table, snow cones, cotton candy, etc...and it was all free.  A perfect way to spend part of our afternoon.  We also had some shopping to do and there is a local meat market / grocery store that isn't open on Sunday so you get amazing deals on seafood, meat and baked goods on Saturday afternoons so that is always good.  They had a sale on split peas, so I picked them up and made some split pea soup in the crock pot last night for lunch today.  The baby LOVED it - not the pureed one so much, but he was in love with the chunkier one.  The 5 year old tried it....he had about 4 spoonfuls before saying that he didn't like it.  This is actually really good for him, we are lucky if we get one mouthful of a new item out of him.

Today we got up and went to parent happened to be there at the same time so we spent some time with them and then went shopping.  We got home and put the baby down for a nap and made some popcorn and cookies (break and bake b/c I was lazy today) and watched a sponge bob movie while the baby was napping.  He loved some having mommy and daddy time.  After the movie and some play time with the boys I made Breakfast Rice Pudding for the baby to have this week (recipe from and some applesauce.  Then spent some more time with the boys...did baths and then bed. 

First Split Pea Soup

It is so good to have such a fun weekend with the boys since I have been working so much lately.


  1. That breakfast rice pudding looks pretty good. I think I will add that to the purees that I am making for Sugar Plum today. Thanks!

  2. Did you try it...Ethan ate it today and loved it.


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