Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Updates

Brady update

We hadn't really noticed that his baby teeth were loose (he brushes his teeth, we watch to make sure he actually brushes them and then we will finish them off if we need to) and after seeing the other teeth coming in I was actually trying to play close attention to see if he was playing with them and didn't notice anything that night at all. Well at one part on Saturday I was pretty sure that I caught him playing with his teeth, but he insisted that he wasn't and that his teeth weren't wiggly. Saturday night, after he had been in bed for about a half hour or so he calls my husband into his room and says "look daddy - at my teeth, I don't have them anymore". So my baby lost his first two teeth. Now what is the likelihood that they would both come out on the same day....not sure, but I am pretty positive that the half hour he was supposed to be in bed was used to assist the teeth out of his mouth.

Well after he showed my husband that his teeth were missing the next logical question would be Brady, where are they. He said he threw them next to his bed - we searched, moved the bed out, lifted the mattress - no teeth to be found. I am sure that they are at the bottom of a toy box somewhere - I just know it. I didn't have time yesterday to fully detail his room but it will be done as soon as possible to try to find those teeth (not because I want them for anything - I am not the baby tooth keeping type of momma, but I don't want them just hanging out in some corner of his room either).

The tooth fairy left him a note saying that he shouldn't have gotten any money because there were no teeth...but that just this once he would get the money (next time there needs to be teeth). The tooth fairy also added that he needs to clean his room because the tooth fairly almost broke a wing - lets see if that gets him to keep his room clean (probably not, but it was woth a try, right)?

Ethan update
We had a crazy weekend with these two boys....Ethan was up most of the night Thursday he had a fever (101.9 that went down too 100.4 with Tylenol) but nothing huge. Friday, he was fine all day at night he had a slight fever again and had one vommiting episode. I am fairly sure that this is just from teething as he was absolutely fine on Sat and Sun, add to that the fact that he is drooling like crazy and I am pretty sure that there will be some new teeth in the near future. We have had a very teeth filled weekend :)

Well on Sunday he decided that he was going to crawl. He has been army crawling for what seems like forever and has been getting MAD that he couldn't figure out crawling. Well, he was sitting on one side of the area rug and I was at the other with one of his toys - he must have really wanted it because he jsut crawled right at me. He was a little slow and hesitant at first but he was crawling full speed within a couple of minutes and he was all over the place. We are in so much trouble - he can't wait to be able to chase Brady around. Well within 15 minutes of crawling for the first time, he was at the coffee table trying to pull himself to he knees but that was it - moved onto the couch and tried it there too...still only getting to his knees - he moved onto his walker and tried pulling up on that. He wasn't able to make it past his knees, but for me the scary part is that he is trying - I am not ready for this.

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  1. Wow, you did have a tooth filled weekend adventure! How funny they both have new teeth at the same time. My youngest had a new tooth pop through this weekend but thankfully we are a bit away from my oldest losing any. Just the thought gives me the heebies. Hopefully I get over that before it starts! lol

  2. Me too - loose teeth really creep me out. This time it wasn't a big deal since he took care of it on his own...but I can't stand when they are playing with them as they are hanging by a thread.

  3. Hi I'm the guest host from Follow me Back Tuesday just stopping by returning your follow. Hi! Nice to meet ya! Now I must go browse a bit, and keep hopping! Oh my teething escapades I sure don't miss that. My kids are all grown. Have a good day! Thanks again!

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  6. Sugar Plum still hasn't mastered a true crawl - all army crawl for her. But she has been pulling herself up - even in her crib a couple of times! I about had a heart attack the first time I walked into her room to find her standing at the side of her crib.

  7. Love the note from the tooth fairy telling him to clean his room, I'll have to try that on my daughter next time!

    Dropping in from FMBT to say hello.

  8. OUCH! Teeth coming in are the worse! Newest follower from

  9. Just landed here from FMBT, so many wonderful reads on your blog. I followed you, hope you'll stop by and follow back Self Thanks for the support and have a great day.

  10. Sorry to hear your little one's sick hope he's feeling better soon. Crawling...UH Oh Mama get your roller skates on now the fun begins

    I too have boys! 3 of them!

    I'm your newest follower coming by from Follow me back tues I'm #171 on ht list

  11. Hiya! I'm stopping by from FMBT... your newest follower!

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  12. Hi there,

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  13. My baby just started to push herself up on her feet/knees!! It's heartbreaking! She's much too little to be crawling around. I love putting her in one spot and coming back to find her right where I left her. It makes me love our night-time snuggles even more!!!

  14. She just turned 6 months this week! My son was walking by 9 months (well...more like falling by 9 months) and I was really hoping she'd be a little more "delayed"! Oh well :)

  15. My guy will be 9 months tomorrow...I was hoping that he would take a bit longer too - but since he is pulling himself up I am sure walking (falling) won't be to far away.

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  17. teeth are so troublesome aren't they! I just found and followed you via blog hop. what a great way to find new blogs hey? Am off to check out the rest of your blog, please check out mine @ Jane:)


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