Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why I love it Wednesday (on Friday) - Everyday Baby Items

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My Why I Love it is coming a bit late this week but I have been so busy with work I just didn't get a chance to post it. So here are my top 5 everyday baby items. These are items that you don't NEED, you baby will survive without them. However, they are some of my favorite items that are used everyday in our house and probably will be in your house as well.
  1. Sleep Sacks - They are perfect for you baby especially during the winter or even in the summer if you have the air condition on.  Another benefit is that you will be able to get your baby in and out of them very easily even when you are trying to change that diaper in the middle of the night when you are half asleep.  They come in many different colors so they are perfect for boys or girls and they are comforting and safe sleepwear for baby.  You can also go for the swaddler verion if your little one likes to be swaddled.  Niether of my boys liked to be swaddled so we only used the swaddler version for a short period of time, but the regular sleep sacks were used all the time.
  2. Teethers - Obviously this is not a necessity, but if you have a teething baby and the options are having your baby chomp on a teether or your arm you will definately want a teether.  I forgot to bring a teether last weekend and I now have two small bruises on my arm from my little man.  Our favorite are teething keys and they are cheap ($1.99 at amazon).  Another great option is the Raz-berry teether- shaped like a pacifier so very easy for your little one to get used to...and don't forget the normal "old-school" teethers that go into your freezer.  These are not a favorite for me but that is only because both of my boys had teeth at 4 months and they had trouble holding them at that age.
  3. Mum-Mums - These are the baby version of rice cakes.  They have a little crunch to them, but immediately melt in your baby's mouth so you don't have to be concerned about choking.  They are the perfect size for teaching your baby to self feed as they are big enough for your little one to grab onto.  The box is filled with pre-packaged sets of two crackers so there is no waste and they are easy to throw into the diaper bag.  They come in original and vegetable flavors.
  4. Pop N Push Car - This is perfect for a baby who is sitting or crawling.  This is a very simple toy for them to use. No parts, no blocks, no switches, just push it and watch the balls pop.  It is perfect.  There are so many baby toys out there that aren't esy enough for your little one to figure out on their own.  That is not the case with this toy....and the best part - it starts at $5.99.
  5. Bumbo Seat - Ok so you don't really need one, but when my little guy was still not sitting on his own he LOVED it. Not only that but we got the tray and used it for feeding / playing. The benefit - it gives you a couple of additional months that you don't need to have a high chair taking up space in you kitchen. This chair will also help you baby to get used to sitting and comfotable holding his/her head up.


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    I'm definitely on board with some of your suggestions - my two girls LOVED being swaddled, and we also went through a lot of Mum-Mums. With my second, we borrowed a Bumbo seat and actually used it to feed her at the table once she could hold her head up, and then we went straight to a booster seat, bypassing the high chair completely.

    Great ideas!

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