Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wordful Wednesday - Weekend Wrap-up

We had a busy weekend - I probably did too much which is why my cold isn't going away and I still feel horrible, but we had fun and I got to enjoy time with the boys.

Friday started with happy hour for a guy that was leaving our company. I stayed for a bit and then my husband and the boys picked me up and we went out for dinner. It was good but we got home late - luckily the boys went to bed without too much trouble, especially since they both sleep in the hour car ride home.

Saturday, we had some shopping to do so we got up and grabbed breakfast and then headed to a couple of stores. After that we went to this park that has an old castle up at the top of the mountain. We drove up to see it and Brady and I went up into the castle, while Ethan and daddy stayed down and took pictures. While Ethan was eating Brady and I "hiked" in the areas around the castle - he loved the fact that I let him lead. We hit one more store on the way home and then stopped at a festival in our town for carnival rides and dinner. My aunt and uncle happened to be their at the same time with their kids so Brady went on a few rides with them and a couple by himself and went on the carousel with Ethan and I. We also had dinner there - yummy fair food :) and Ethan tried a sippy cup for the first time. He did really good too. He had no problem holding it or getting it to his mouth, and he really didn't have too much trouble drinking - though he did get a little water on him.

Sunday, we tried to keep it low key - so we stayed around the house for most of the day and then in the afternoon we went to my husband's grandmother's house to visit and take the boys swimming. Brady really swam by himself. This is the first time that I have seen him do it (he did swim with my husband the other day). He did so well - and made it almost all the way across the pool by himself. He was so proud of himself. Really until a few weeks ago he would freak out if he didn't have a life jacket on so I am really proud of how well he did. Ethan on the other hand is like a little fish - he loves being in the water, if you are holding him he will try to put his face in....if he is in one of those baby tubes / seats, he will kick to the point that he is actually moving on his own. When we were there he saw a big plastic duck across the pool from where he was and decided he wanted it.....he was sitting in this tube kicking and moving his body to get himself to this duck (of course we were right with him, but he was making it move on his own). So I guess both boys will be getting swim lessons in the fall....and that mommy has a ton of weight to lose so that I can take Ethan in the water for swim lessons :)

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  1. It is...the 5 year old was so excited to go in the real "castle"

  2. that looks like fun...
    to hot for me to be outside though! lol

  3. OH! How fun! Thanks for sharing!


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