Monday, September 13, 2010

Couldn't make it two full weeks at school.....

Without getting in trouble.

Yes, we are talking about my 5 year old. Today starts week 3 of school (now remember that he went home sick one day, stayed home sick the following day, and had two holiday's last week)....and on Friday he got in trouble on the bus. I could not believe it. When my husband went to get him off the bus the driver asked my husband to come over to the bus and explained that Brady was jumping around on the bus and when she asked him to stop he ignored her and continued jumping around.

Brady knew he was in trouble - when he got off the bus he couldn't even look my husband in the face. He was spoken to by both my husband and then myself (later when I got home from work). When I was asking him about it he said "well, the little girl should have gotten in trouble too because she was doing it with me" to which I had to give him the conversation about making your own decisions and not just following what others are doing.

Well he was punished - no TV for the weekend and we decided not to take him to the outdoor movie that our town was putting on Friday night. He was upset...on Saturday night he said "I am really sad that I wasn't able to go to that movie because of my bad sounded really fun" - of course I felt horrible but stood my ground and responded "Maybe this will help you to remember that you need to be on your best behavior at school and on the bus."

Honestly, I don't even care that much about the jumping around the bus - what I do care about is the fact that he was disrespectful to the bus driver. She asked him multiple times to stop jumping around the bus and he basically ignored her and continued to so what he wanted to do.

Having said all that, the real reason that I think he was acting this way was to show-off in front of the little girl. He sits with her on the bus a lot and talks about her a lot too. I don't KNOW that this is the reason he was acting this way - but I have my suspisions!!!

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