Monday, September 27, 2010

I can't believe that it has been 10 months.

It seems like it was just yesterday when we brought him home from the hospital....but it was 10 months ago - and now his first birthday is right around the corner (Thanksgiving day to be exact). It is amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. Just a few short months ago his big accomplishment was a smile (which I absolutely love - don't get me wrong) he sits, crawls, stands, walks along the furniture, claps, waves, kisses (and blows kisses) and even says a few words. It all goes by so fast....

Now for the monthly recap:
He had just begun really cruising in the 9 month period. Now he is on the go and into EVERYTHING!!! He has also learned to clap (he may have started right at the end of last month) now he will clap when we sing if your happy and you know it to him and will always clap if someone says YAY...He is waving (he waves with his hand pointed toward him instead of facing out)...I love when babies first start waving and do it backwards because that resembles what they see you doing toward them. He is obviously cruising around like crazy - he lets go but I think he gets scared becuase he will immediatly reach for something once he realizes he is standing on his own. That is fine with me...he gets into enough as it is - I have no problem if he holds off on the walking for a bit.

What is he saying?

  • Still mostly a bunch of noises that don't mean much to any of us...though it probably means something to him :)
  • He says "dada" and "mama"....somes times he says it intentionally and sometime he is jsut making sounds.
  • He makes a sound that I insist is meant to be "brother" based on when he says it and where he is looking....but it isn't clear enough yet to be sure.
  • He say "up" and it is almost always intentional. He says it when he wants to be lifted up, when he is standing himself up, when he is reaching / looking at something that is up....and in the last week or so he started saying it as soon as we stop the car - meaning he wants out of that car seat now - and he will get lounder and more demanding about the way he is saying it until he is out.
  • He says "ba" when he sees his bottle or really any bottle, can or cup
  • He says "more" when he is eating and the other day my husbands grandmother was eating oatmeal in front of him and he was looking at her saying "mmm" basically telling her he wanted some.
His favorite toys are:
Tooth Count:
We are still at 8 teeth...I think we have some molars that are on there way. He is biting like crazy and his gums seem to be a bit swollen.  When we were at his last appointment the pediatrician seemed to think that the molars were on there way too.

What is he eating?


Not really everything but he is now at the point where he can eat just about anything. At his 9 month appointment we talked to the pediatrician and since he has no history of allergies, his brother has no history of allergies and niether my husband or I have food allergies in our immediate families that at this point we could move on to feeding him just about anything. Obviously we are avoiding Honey and nuts and chewier items that can't be broken down easily, but at this point he can handle most small dices.

New Foods this month:
  • Turkey Meatloaf (I made a turkey meatloaf with apples that he LOVED)
  • Fish
  • Eggs (we made him a brocolli omlet a couple of weeks ago that he really enjoyed)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Squash Soup with apples
  • he tried a bite of pancake....that was all I would let him have
  • he chewed on some pizza crust while we were at dinner the other night (he didn't really eat anything - mostly just a teether)
  • he tried a couple of bites of my husbands smoked turkey leg while at the fair
Favorite Foods:
  • Everything...he likes eggs (scrambled or with vegies as an omlet)
  • meat (chicken / turkey)
  • all fruits: his favorite is probably peeches
  • all veggies: his favorite is sweet potato and squash - but he will eat any veggies we put in front of him
Least Favorite Foods:
NOTHING...I seriously have not fed him anything in the past month that he wouldn't eat or didn't seem to enjoy

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