Sunday, September 5, 2010

My baby is 9 months old...

I can't believe that my baby is 9 months old (well he has been 9 months old since August 25th, I just haven't had time to write this post). We have had a VERY busy month.

What is he up to now?
He has been sitting for a while, but now he is really steady and can sit himself up without any problems. He does sit-up's when we are trying to change his diapers and also sits from crawling position. I think that would be the easier choice, but for some reason he likes to go with the sit-up option. I love when he is sitting and inches himself around in a circle to look at things.

Beyond the sitting he had been army crawling all over the place until he realized that it was easier to really crawl. He started crawling about 4 days before turning 9 months and immediatly you would have thought that he was crawling forever. He is all over the house now and into everything (especially his big brothers toys).

As soon as he started crawling he immediately moved onto pulling himself up (we found him standing in his bed less than two days after he figured out how to crawl). When I say pulling himself up, I mean on his bed, on the tables, on the furniture basically everything that he can get to. His favorite thing to pull up on is one of our living room tables, which really freaks me out - I worry about him hitting his head.

Around the same time that he started crawling and pulling himself up, he also started clapping. He will clap on his own or when he is prompted to by someone else clapping at him. The funniest part is when we sing "If your happy and you know it" he will clap right along. I love it!!!

What is he saying?
Mostly babbeling...though he looks at you like you should understand him. Here are the noises that could possibly mean something, but for the most part I don't think that he is intentionally saying them yet.

- He says "dada" sometimes he is really trying to get my husbands attention, but for the most part he is just making the sounds.
- He says "up" and most of the time I really think that it is intentional. However, he says it when he wants to be picked up, when he wants to stand up, when there is a toy, light, etc...that he is looking at that is up or when he is grabbing at something that is up.
- "mama" pops out every now and then and it is only when he is crying so I don't think it is intentional at this point.
- He does how ever say something that sounds like "brotha" and that ONLY comes out when Brady walks away or isn't paying attention to him.

His favorite toys are:
- His Car
- His Keys
- His Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy
- He is back to loving the Jumperoo and his Walker (but fights you when you try to put him in - once he is in he is happy)
- Lego's....only to chew on though, no actually playing is involved
- His squishy book
- His brother's dinosaurs
- Any stuffed animal....mostly so that he can chew on it
- Basically anything that we let him chew on is his most favorite toy at the moment

Tooth count:
We now have 8 teeth that are fully through. He is definately getting more, I can tell because I have bite marks all over my arms....By the way, if anyone has tips on getting a 9 month old to stop biting I would love to hear them.

New foods this month:
- Rice (he has had rice cereal, but we hadn't given him real rice until now)
- Baby Breakfast Rice Pudding
- Chicken and Veggies (he tried chicken at the very end of last month too)
- Cheese
- Yogurt
- Pasta (we...and when I say we I mean my husband...made a yummy sweet potato pasta for him)
- Split pea soup
- mashed potato

In other news from the food front....this child will eat just about anything that we are willing to give him. Since we are now up to 8 teeth he does a pretty good just with most foods, even things that need to be chewed. He will still eat puree's but only if they are on the thicker side....he fights you if you try to give him "liquidy" food. When I made the split pea soup I pureed some for him and fed it to him - he wasn't very interested. When my husband shared the split pea soup he was eating (not pureed) Ethan was in LOVE with it.

When it comes to fruit he will take a piece of fruit out of your hand and eat it (he eats peaches and plums completely on his own - with us watching very closely to make sure his bites aren't too big), he eats cut up pears (usually if I give him a pear spear he will do fine), apples he still gets applesauce most of the time, but I put apple dices in the Breakfast Rice Pudding and he did absolutely fine with it and as for banana's I usually cut them into small pieces though sometimes I will still mash them just because it is easier.

On the Veggie side they are still mostly purees, simply because I haven't tried them any other way yet. I am posistive that he would do perfectly fine with carrot or squash dices so I think that will be on the menu in the next week or so.

We are also working on the Sippy Cup with him. He is doing ok, not 100% there yet...but we still have a few months to practice before the bottle goes away.

Favorite Foods:
- Sweet Potato
- Mashed Potato
- Split Pea Soup
- Banana
- Peaches

Least favorite foods:
Honestly, I don't think that I have given him anything lately that he wouldn't eat. He loves food. He is going to be one happy baby celebrating his birthday with Thanksgiving dinner this year :)



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