Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Foods...

You would think that this post would be about the baby....but no - it is about my 5 year old. He is a VERY picky eater and will not, under any circumsatnces try something new. If you tell him that he needs to try a bite or he can go to bed - he will get up and walk straight into his room.

So on Saturday I made a Turkey Meatloaf with apples and cranberries. I was sure he would at least give it a shot....its turkey not anything out of the ordinary. Well - he refused to eat it...

On Sunday I tried again with a Squash Soup...also containing apples and cranberries. I don't know why but when fall is in the air apples and craberries seem to fit into anything...He tries one bit and decided he didn't like it. This was a big accomplishment just getting him to TRY something new. He then decided that the soup would taste good mixed with applesause and after mixing the two ate a whole cup of the soup. I didn't complain - he got veggies and tried something new...and the applesause was just apples that I cooked down in the over (no sugar or anything) so in my opinion that was a healthy meal.

Last night we were in a huge rush. They picked me up at the train at 6:15pm so by the time we got home we needed to hurry up with our dinner and baths so both boys could get to bed. My husband usually feed them before they pick me up when I am getting in after 6pm but it just didn't go as planned last night. The baby was having leftover soup - but I knew we weren't going to be able to get the 5 year old to eat that for two days in a row so we made him some Chef Boyardee (rings with meatballs). I never thought that I would say that I was happy to see him eat it - but I was. He tried something new...and for the most part he did it on his own - we did a little convincing at first but he ate it...and they say that there is a serving of veggies in it so thats a bonus too :)

I am sure that this is not a sign that he will magically begin eating whatever we put in front of him....but I can WISH can't I???

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