Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap up....

Once again - my blog is suffering...I have no time :(

Anyway...we had a semi-busy weekend. Our Friday started with our older guy misbehaving on the bus...GREAT!!!

Then, I was out of work at 2pm and home by 3pm so we went to do some shopping (I love this meat market near up...we get amazing deals and it is always good). From there we went fot Pizza and to this Italian pastry shop that I love. We went home and had a relatively uneventful night from that point.

Our Saturday started with me finding a birthday party invitation in the 5 year old's backpack. The party was for Saturday afternoon - WHAT???? It was sent home from school on Friday for a party on Saturday, are you kidding me. Well, I had my husband call to tell them that we couldn't go - I just didn't want to deal with the rushing around. Well the mom guilt trips my husaband (the child is 5 and has never had a birthday party, she works multiple states away and is only home on the weekends, this is why invites didn't go out until last minute, the child was sick when he was younger and that is why he hasn't been able to have aparty) needless to say my husband ended up bringing the 5 year old to the was the baby's nap time so I got to stay home with him :)

On Sunday we went to this childrens festival in the town next to ours. It is a relatively small event, but was fine for us. My husband popped a tire on the way when he was changing the tire we went and the 5 year old went on the bouncy obsticle course (for what seemed like forever) and played with some hula hoops. Then when my husband was done we played some other games, got a balloon sword, entered some raffles, watched the magic show and then they did a "cake walk". This was like musical chairs...with the prize being cake. Basically, the numbers were set up in a circle (1-12) you picked a number to start on, walked number-number while the music was playing and then once the music stopped, they would pull a number between 1 and 12 and if you were on that number you won a cake (or some other treat) - The 5 year old won carrot cake...he was so excited. From there we had to visit the grandparents / aunts and unclues to sell some cookie dough for school - they gave us about 2 days before the sent home a flier with things to sell - FUN!!!

Other than that there was some cleaning done (not enough) and some quality time with the boys and that was about it.

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