Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy Day!!!

We have been running all day.  We  have been super busy getting things ready for the baby's baptism tomorrow.  We had a bunch of running to do for last minute things (food, a new outfit for our older guy, spanx for mommy,etc...)  We started our morning with breakfast out and our little man was loving it.  He ate scambled eggs and a banana and tried some french toast and potato - he was dancing everytime he tried a bite of the potato.  Our older guy tried my eggs benedict and LOVED it...

Then there were a bunch of stores...we broke the day up with a local apple festival to give the boys some time out of the car / shopping cart.  They had fun - our older guy was amazed by the guy on stilts and was really excited about going on the horse drawn carriage.  Then there was more shopping and back home. 

We are just about ready for tomorrow - my husband is out getting a couple of additional things that we forgot at the grocery store (that always happens doesn't it).  So now I am hoping to be in bed early and ready to start what I expect will be a wonderful day with family and friends tomorrow.

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