Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silly Bandz....

Do all kids LOVE these silly elastic bands that look like animals, pirates, etc...? Am I the only mom who can never tell what they are supposed to be....I had the hardest time finding the "pietri" in the dinosaur bag this evening.

I don't love them being all over my house...but I do love the fact that they are a great (and cheap) reward for my 5 year olds good behavior.  On Amazon they sell 24 fsilly bandz or about $3.00...At Ocean State Job Lot I got a package of 12 for $0.88 though.  Tonight we gave our little guy 1 silly band for doing so well with his homework and letters today...and he was so happy - you would have thought we gave him some big crazy expensive toy.

So I guess I will be stocking up on the silly bands :)

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