Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We have an 11 Month Old

We are just one short month away from the big 1 year birthday - my little man was 11 months on Monday. The big event will be Thanksgiving Day so I have already contemplated a Turkey Shaped Cake - we will see how that goes :) We have decided that we will have his party the following week (the first week of December). He is getting further and further away from being a baby with each day. He has gotton so much more verbal - most of it is still not coherent yet - but he is trying to communicate and does a surprisingly good job, even with his VERY limited vocabulary.

Monthly Recap:
He is climbing up on everything, including climbing up his father to try to get a toy on the windowsil behind the counch. He is still a cruiser, he hasn't attempted steps on his own yet...but he is letting go and standing on his own. He usually gets nervous once he realizes and either falls or grabs onto something. This weekend he was letting go a lot more so I have a feeling he will be getting more adventurous and that those first steps will be coming soon. Believe me I am not pushing it. He is at least a little bit easier to control when he is crawling.

He is into everything especially his brother's toys. We have been trying to teach the older one about making sure all of his toys get back in his room so that the baby can't get at any of the small pieces. We have actually moved to only allowing him to play with the toys with little pieces in his room at least until the baby gets passed the "everything goes in the mouth" stage. We were at my moms house and he actually found a penny under a table...luckily I saw his hand go toward his mouth (not knowing at the time what was in his hand...just assuming it was something he shouldn't have) and grabbed him quickly. I can tell that his little guy is going to be my trouble maker.

He LOVES his brother. He is now starting to be able to play so they are starting to entertain each other at least for a little bit here and there. More than anything they like to yell back and forth at each other while they are in the car. Who knew that this could be so entertaining. The older one will yell (or say something "uh-oh" is a favorite) and the baby will copy him...they will go back and forth like this for 20 minutes and they will both be laughing. We taught his "so big" this month and he will lift his arms when you say "how big is baby (or basically any name)" and he laughs every time he does it. If we sing "Happy and you know it" he will clap at the correct times and when we the final "clap your hands" he says "yay". I love seeing his personality begin to come through. He also colored/scribbled his first picture this month at my moms house. She said he mainly just wanted to bite on the crayon...but once he realized that it made colors on the paper he was a little more interested. My older guy was so excited that the baby was coloring with him.

What is he saying:
  • Dada
  • Mama (sometimes)
  • Up
  • Ba (for his bottle or a cup....basically anything you can drink out of is "ba")
  • More
  • Hi
  • Bye
  • Yay
  • uh-oh
  • Brother (well it isn't always clear be he is getting there)
he also understands and reacts to (but does not yet say):
  • Hug
  • Kiss
  • Clap
  • High Five (he actually does try to say high five....but it is not clear yet at all)
Favorite Toys:
Tooth Count:
Still holding strong a 8 teeth. We have our first molar beginning to come through, I can just see the white through him gums so I am assuming we will be up to at least 9 teeth when I write his 1 year post.

What is he eating:
I don't even know what to write here anymore since he is eating just about anything and everything that we give him. He is such a good eater. On a regular basis we are trying to stick to a protien, a fruit and a veggie at lunch and dinner and for breakfast cereal or an egg and fruit. Since he is mostly on finger foods and table foods he gets what we are having (for the most part) he even tried Kielbasi (though I only gave him a little - supplemented with a bunch of veggies and applesauce.
Meats/Protiens: He eats a lot of chicken, he LOVES Fish, he eats Turkey (which means that he will LOVE his birthday dinner-on Thanksgiving), meatballs, meatloaf, as I said he had tries a couple bites of sausage and probably would have eaten a ton of it if I let him.
Veggies: He eats anything that we give him. He loves Sweet Potato (and we gave him white potato - which we never give him and he was dancing with every bite because he liked it so much) and Squash and I am planning to make pumpkin this weekend so we will try that with him too.

Fruits: Again, he eats just about everything we give him. When we were apple picking, he actually held and apple and ate the whole thing himself (after my husband ate all of the skin off for him)

Juice: He doesn't drink juice yet. My mom gave him some the other day (not realizing because our older guy had juice by this point) but other than that he hasn't had any. For me it is one of those things that he doesn't need so why give it to him. I don't feel strongly that he SHOULDN't have it I just don't give it to him.
Least Favorite Foods:

NOTHING...I have not been able to find a food that this little man does not like. He eats everything (fingers crossed that this continues since our 5 year old eats nothing)!!!


  1. Hi Maggie... its a very interesting post. your little man is simply adorable!!

  2. Thank you...I am trying to keep up with all of the new things he is doing. It seems like he is doing new things every day.

    Thanks for visiting!!!

  3. Awesome! It's amazing to think my littlest will be 2 the day after Thanksgiving! Time sure flies, doesn't it?! He is adorable! I still remember seeing your pic the first time you commented on Mom is the Only Girl!


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